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Article Writing Program

Are you a talented and passionate writer who wants to share his work and expose it to millions of people worldwide? If your answer is YES, you are at best place. Learn Cybers provides an opportunity to authors and writers worldwide to spread their words to millions of people by contributing on Learn Cybers.

Our Purpose:

We respect talent and talented people. We wish to serve authentic and quality information to our readers. To achieve our goal, we need your talent to produce brief, precise, useful and informative articles and content.

How it works?

Fill the form below, we will contact you and assign you a writer’s account. You will write an article and submit it for moderation. Our moderators will review your work and publish it. The articles, which will pass premium review tests, shall be sponsored with ads and you will be paid lifetime royalty which will be 70% share based on the revenue generated by Cyber Learns from your article.


  • Lifetime royalties
  • Unlimited Earning
  • Exposure to millions of readers
  • Improvement in international reputation
  • Chance to work with big companies in the world

Rules & Regulations:

The articles submitted for review should meet the following guidelines:

  • The minimum article length should be 500 words
  • The article should not be published anywhere.
  • The article should be Plagiarism free.
  • There should be no grammatical mistake and it should be easy to read.
  • Remember to include headings and sub-headings where required.
  • There must be an introductory or summary paragraph included on top of the article.
  • The work published on Learn Cybers should not be reproduced or redistributed to anywhere.
Join Article Writing Program

Join Article Writing Program

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