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Best VPN to watch Region Free YouTube TV in 2019

Best VPN to watch Region Free YouTube TV in 2019

In the market of Live streaming network YouTube also made its way now. YouTube TV mainly offers the subscription based online streaming facility for the people. It streams ne movies, TV shows, Live TV programs, sports programs and many more. But the condition is all the content in the YouTube are with copyright issues. To stream the YouTube channel you don’t need any physical device to enjoy the features of the YouTube channel.

YouTube has 60 networks which are from America, Canada and also from across the world. For taking the best advantage of the YouTube channel, you need to have the Best VPN. To enjoy the full advantage of the live streaming videos and also to ensure privacy, we can use a VPN. This VPN is also used to unblock the regional restrictions and then allows us to enjoy movies and TV shows on any other devices present.

Getting the Best VPN for YouTube TV

While talking about the Virtual Private Network, there is a big number of VPNs are present in the market. Actually, it is a bit difficult task to find the best VPN for your device. The VPN should worth our time and it also should perform best on our devices like TV, Smartphones, Laptops, and Android TV.

Benefits of Using a VPN with YouTube TV

Actually, many people think that they are using a VPN just for keeping their data safe. But the thing is VPN is mainly used to keep our daily activities on the internet hidden from the Internet Service Provider and other hackers. The following are the benefits that are obtained from the best VPN when used for our YouTube channel.

  • The YouTube content can be streamed from other countries by switching the server’s locations
  • To keep the identity of the user hidden and above all, the browsing history of the user will be kept hidden.
  • It can also unblock the contents which are geographically blocked.
  • The personal data of the user is kept hidden to enhance the security of the user.

VPN selection criteria

There are many numbers of VPN are available in the market. In order to choose the best one among many available VPNs, we have to do a lot of research work. The VPN should be examined for the features which are mentioned in this article. Mainly it should possess the speed, privacy and device compatibility. So without any further due, Let us jump into the article to find out the features.

  • Fast Speeds: The best way to enjoy the streaming of the YouTube videos, when they are available without any buffering. So it would be very great if the selected VPN offers a great speed.
  • Large Server Network: The selected VPN should have a large number of proxy servers, so that we can able to select the best server of our choice.
  • Good Device Compatibility: the YouTube works on almost all the platforms, it means that the selected VPN should also be compatible to all kind of devices.
  • Zero Logging Policy: if your VPN is asking you for the logging policy, then your VPN might not be useful. So while finding the VPN always selects the VPN with Zero Logging Policy.

Best VPNs for YouTube TV

There are many VPNs that are present in the market. Actually, the list is very long; we have put all our efforts to present you the best VPNs which will best suit your TV for streaming the YouTube videos. So without any further due, Let us jump directly into the article.

1. Express VPN

There are lot of VPNs are available in the market, but only few of them offer a great speed and performance. Express VPN is the fastest known VPN. It offers a great speed to its users. It also offers the user’s with unlimited bandwidth. The internet connection is unknown and it can be obtained with few clicks. The best thing is that, the Express VPN can work with almost all the platforms such as Android, Mac, iPhone and PC too. To enjoy all these good features of the Express VPN, you just need to have to download the Express VPN

It provides good entertainment and good performance. Express VPN also provides a good amount of security to the data and also for the identity of the user. It follows the 256 – bit encryption. It also provides the zero logging policy. It follows the strict DNS requests and IP addresses. The data stays protected in the network as it follow DNS leak protection and also the kill switch. The good speed and performance is achieved by the network of computers, actually the Express VPN has very large connection. It has about 2000 servers all around the world, these servers are spitted among in 94 countries to provide us the fastest and most secured internet connection in the world.


  • It unblocks some of the famous and important channels such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and many others
  • The servers which are present all over the world are super fast.
  • It also provides security through encryption and some VPN protocols
  • There is no logging policy enforced.
  • The customer care support provides the customers with 24/7 chat option


When compared to other VPN, the cost of Express VPN is slightly expensive.

2. Nord VPN

The Nord VPN is the fastest VPN in the market. It also has a large server network in the world. When you have installed the Nod VPN now you can able to access 5320 servers which are present all over the world, it passes through the 62 countries. All the features are available without any restrictions in the Nord VPN. This VPN provides a high speed, when they are connected with our device without any interruption. It also has the protection which is unique when compared to other VPN like double encryption, it also protects from DDoS attacks and also provides onion routing over VPN for added privacy

The software package of the Nord VPN comes along with all the necessary things which are required to enhance the security of the user. It uses the double encryption methods with 256 – bit AES encryption methods. It also enhances the DNS leak protection. It also provides a chance to ensure the security of the user by promoting an automatic kill switch and zero logging policy. The Nord VPN is extremely simple to set up in the devices. It also supports all types of platforms such as PC, Mac OS, and Linux, iOS, Android and also other platforms. If you are a person who wants strong and reliable protection, you can choose the Nord VPN.


  • It has a wide range of server collection which is 5400 servers.
  • The plans are also very affordable
  • It provides strong security features with double encryption techniques
  • The customer care support provides us with 24/7 live chat support.


  • Some of the servers can be unreliable
  • To process the refunds of the customer, they take upto 30 days.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is one of the fastest growing VPN service. It provides a very fast and reliable connection. It is also extremely safe to use. It has a very large network which has more than 3390 severs which is spread over 60 countries. It is supported by almost all types of devices such as Mac, Android, and Linux and also in PCs.
It provides a strong security and privacy features for the users with 256 – bit AES encryption technique. It also offers the zero logging policy, to enhance the security of the user. It promotes automatic kill switch and DNS protection leak system to hide the identity of the user.


  • It is more compatible with the TOR network
  • The user ratings from the Google play store is 4.3/5.0
  • It works well with Netflix, iPlayer and also with Hulu and many other.
  • It provides zero logging policy
  • It takes 45 days to return the money without any problem.


• It does not work well in China

4. PrivateVPN

Private VPN is the fastest light weight VPN which is available in the market. It is very much safe and secure to use. When you stream your data online in any media, with private VPN running on the background, we can able to access all the data. It supports all the operating system platforms such as Mac, iOS, Mac and other PCs. Once you have signed into the Private VPN it allows you to stream online movies, data and TV shows with free of cost.

The Private VPN operates on almost 100 servers which are present over 59 different countries in the world. This method also uses the encryption method to ensure the data privacy; it uses 256 – bit AES encryption algorithm. It also uses the automatic kill switch and DNS protection leak system, to enhance the security in the system. To hide the identity of the user, it provides the access through the zero logging policy. It is the best solution for the people who want to surf data online by hiding their identity on the internet.

5. Strong VPN

The strong VPN knows what a user of that VPN is currently looking for and it provides that content without any interruption. It has servers ranging 650 different servers across 20 countries. Every time we connect to the system, it offers easy, safe and reliable connection to their users. It also provides the content from the YouTube and also from other websites to enjoy, when we are relaxing in our home and also when we are travelling around.

It supports almost all types of platforms ranging from the older versions to the recently released versions such as, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and also in PC. It provides the flexibility to the user. To hide the identity of the user the strong VPN provides automatic kill switch and also provides and DNS Leak protection system.

Using YouTube TV for Streams

After finding the right VPN of your choice, now you can able to enjoy all the streaming movies and TV shows for live and free. The following are the steps, which we need to follow in order to enjoy our private connection.

What Channels are on YouTube?

YouTube I currently possessing over 60 networks and it also has cable channels also available on the service of network. The full list is available at Some of the interesting channels have been listed below:

  • The basic networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX
  • The sports channels like CBS S ports, NBC Sports, FOX Sports and ESPN Sports.
  • Cartoon network, Bravo, IFC, FXX, SyFy, Disney are some of the interesting channels.

In addition to the free streaming channels in the YouTube, it also offers the ad-on networks which have monthly subscriptions. The channels are listed below ranges from $30 per month to$40. The list contains the channels which are based on the subscriptions the channels costs may vary now due to updation.
• AMC Premiere
• NBA League Pass
• Showtime
• Fox Soccer Plus

What devices does YouTube TV work on?

This is mostly designed for YouTube stuff itself. Most of the PCs, smart phones, tablets and many more TVs are also supported by the YouTube TV. The devices listed below support the YouTube TV platforms, they are:

  • Personal Computers – Mac, Windows, Linux and PC are running the most modern platform and browsers.
  • Smart TVs – Vizio SmartCast, Hisense TVs, TVs from Samsung and LG brands are available
  • Media players – The YouTube TV works on media players such as Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One and Google Smart displays.
  • iPhone and iPad – The iOS devices which has iOS 9.1 will support the YouTube TV
  • Fire TV and Fire Stick – these are Amazon’ app and hence YouTube TV does not support it. But with the side loaded contents we can gain access to them and can use them without any interruption.

Will YouTube TV work with a VPN?

The YouTube TV works only for the devices which are mainly present in US and also in Canada. And hence, when these users travels to any other country they cannot able to connect to the YouTube TV because there will be a variation in the IP address of the device. So when we are using the VPN, it will make that look like, the IP address of the VPN is the IP address of the Device.

One cannot assure that by using the VPN we can able to access the contents of the YouTube TV. And hence, it would be so much better, to some testing procedures before logging and accessing into the VPNs.

Is YouTube TV available in my area?

Even though YouTube is available in unites states and in Canada. But, it is limited to only the metropolitan cites in United States and also in Canada. So before signing into the VPN you should know that whether that VPN is available in your local area.

  • Visit the link, it will lead you to YouTube TV home page
  • Then scroll down, until you see What’s included for $40/month
  • Then I the box above the channels, we have to enter the 5 digit zip code
  • The click the submit button
  • Then YouTube TV checks whether, it available in the entered zip code or not.
  • Then see the resulting list and check whether the list contains your area or not.

Setting up your VPN to use with YouTube TV
Once you have selected your VPN. Now it’s time for you to download the contents which you want to watch and you can also stream your videos at your leisure.

Step 1: Download the VPN and Content

Most of the creators of the VPN kept the process of using the VPN as the simple one. It does not require much knowledge and time to use the VPN. That’s why most of the VPNs come along with the one step installation process. With just one click all the software will be installed on your system. The steps may be varying depending on different type of operating systems and systems that we are using. But mostly the all the methods are basic and it is very simple.

  • Sign in into your VPN account into the PC web browser
  • Look for the downloads section in your account pages.
  • Then we have to select the app of our choice

and then we have to install it. This process may redirect us to the market to download the content in both Android and iOS app.

  • Then you have to install the app and then launch the application.
  • Then in your VPN account, we have to log in using our login details.

Mostly the sites will provide us with the username and also with the password details.

  • After accessing the VPN app account, we will be connected to the fastest server. Make sure to connect with the servers which are in US and also in Canada. Even when you are connected to the servers outside US and Canada then we can able to change the servers we are connected to. The location of the servers can be seen through the list which contains all the details about the server.
  • Now everything is fixed, now let that app run in back ground. So now you can enjoy the unlimited entertainment with the privacy and security in concern.

Step 2: Verify your IP address

After the successful installation of VPN in your device, we can check whether everything is going right or not. The best way to check this IP address whether it will cause any problem or not. This can be done by simply running an IP Leak test. This simple test will tell that whether your IP address cause any problem or not.

  • First of all, open your VPN software and then connect your server to anywhere in the world.
  • Then launch the web browser on the device and then visit the
  • When the page is loaded completely, it will run a IP address look up
  • Then you will see the box at the top of the page, which is just below the IP address.
  • Check whether the box contains the name of the country that you were supposed to be logged in or the country you are living.
  • If it so, then there is no problem, now you are ready to go. You can now enjoy live streaming videos in YouTube TV.

Step 3: Join YouTube TV

If you are a new subscriber to the YouTube TV, then you enjoy the free trial version to check whether the VPN works for you or not. If you aren’t joined to the YouTube TV, then this is the high point to install the app and enjoy unlimited movies, videos and TV shows.

  • Visit the link, which leads to your PC web browser
  • Then click the Try it free button
  • Then go for the free trial option. It is highly recommend trying out the free trial option before paying the subscription amount.
  • Then complete the sign process, by providing the Google account details and payment details.
  • Now return to TV. YouTube. Com, by doing so you will be able to stream 60 channels.
  • • Now repeat the installation and other process, by doing so you will be able to install and experience the same process in your smart phones, laptops and many other hand held movies.


In this article we have seen about getting access to the YouTube TV and the way of getting suitable access to the VPN. So now you can enjoy watching videos, movies, TV shows and any other TV programs safely without any interruption and showing the user’s identity on the internet.

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