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Developing an Educational App The Ultimate Guide for 2020

Developing an Educational App The Ultimate Guide for 2020

Technology is changing the world and more people are embracing this change to maximize its benefits. According to a study, around 43 percent of people around the globe use the internet. So every sector including education is affected by technology.

Educational apps are one of the key areas of development in the education sector. These apps target both tutors and learners thus creating different virtual learning platforms. In this article, we will have a look at key areas that make the base of an ultimate guide to develop an educational app, crafted by professionals.

Benefits of Educational App:

If you are thinking to develop an educational app, you must know the benefits of the app for both the business and customer. In this case, customers can be teachers and students while the business can be a teacher or an app developer.

Key benefits for customers are hassle-free learning, digital literacy, flexibility, setting own pace, interactivity, engagement, learning new skill sets, and innovation. Businesses can get benefits through educational apps with improved performance, cost-effective solutions, productivity tracking, better marketing, skill acquisition, and time-saving.

Now with the knowledge of these benefits, as an educational app developer, you can better understand your audience and the value you aim to add through your app.

Types of Educational App:

In technology, the most important thing for a startup is the target audience. The more you work on finding your target audience, the better your startup will get. The next step to segregate your audience further is to understand different types of educational apps.

You need to know the most in-demand education software decide your app accordingly. According to Cision reports, it is expected that number of users for Google Educational apps may cross 110 million by 2020. There are two major types of educational apps, one is for learners and the other is for teachers.

If we talk about learner apps, different types include an app for kids, for a specific purpose such as cooking or language, educational information, or exams. Apps for teachers include scheduling, planning, grading, generating charts and analysis, etc.

Technology Trends for Educational App:

As technology is moving at a fast pace, as an educational app developer you need to keep an eye on the latest technology trends. Understanding how well you can use these new trends to improve and integrate with your educational apps is crucial for success and value addition. These trends bring innovation to make the learning experience fun and exciting.

Few of the technological trends we think are necessary to mention here are augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, voice assistants, 5G, and gamification.

Key Features of Educational App:

The final thing that makes an education app successful is its features. The key features in a successful app for education are user profiles, sign in, search bar with filters, social media links, social platform in-app for collaboration, database, behavioural analysis module based on AI, scheduling systems, educational content, exams, projects, offline mode, and push notifications.

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