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How to Boost Customer Service with Tools?

How to Boost Customer Service with Tools?

Customer service is the backbone of the business. It ensures that your business runs successfully and that you can make the most out of your business, keep the clients coming, boost the customer retention ratio, and improve the buyer journey.

Regardless of all these things, when you ask a customer service guru they will give you tips that are so basic and vague that you cannot implement them. Some of the common tips you will come across are to add a personal touch or be polite or act like a human. However, these tips are general and unless you are not tracking everything down, these tips are useless.

With customer service, one of the most effective things so far that will work for everyone is the use of customer service tools. You will come across so many different project management tools, customer service tools, and VOIP tools. All these tools are effective but they work for different businesses. Some tools are a little expensive while others are designed for big companies only. To ensure that you are investing in a customer service tool that complements your business, you need to choose your customer service software tool wisely.

Big companies have been using these customer service tools to ensure that their customer experience is impeccable. This ranges from catering to every customer differently and keeping track of the history of the customer so you do not have to think about customizing your response every time. Within the industry, few of the big businesses have mastered customer service so far. One of the most noted names is the Optimum Internet. You can contact their customer service by visiting

Tools That Can Help With Improving Customer Service

Generally, you will find customer service tools that are designed for conducting phone calls or keeping the data of the customers in one place. However, there are better tools with multiple functions. These tools are designed to ensure that customer service representatives do not have to keep track of old and new customers individually, rather they can use tools for these tasks.

Here are some of the most common yet effective ways tools can help you with customer service for your business.

1. Speed Up Training Program

Before the customer service agent starts working, he is trained for a few weeks. This can result in delaying the work if things do not go well. Moreover, when the agent is not fully trained, this can have disastrous effects as well. However, with the use of customer service tools, you can speed up the training process, and offer easy prompts and flashcards for answers.

2. Keep Track Of History

Remembering old customers and keeping track of theircomplaints is one of the most difficult yet most important partsof customer service. This becomes even more important if your client is filing a complaint and has not yet received an update. With the use of tracking tools, you can keep the history of your client, the frequency of calls, the complaints they have registered, and every possible detail that can help the next department to handle the case.

3. Automate the Follow-Up

Follow-up is one of the most important parts of customer service because it will help you know if your customer is satisfied with your work and efforts. It also helps in reducing the occurrence of the same issue again. Most tools have an automated follow-up program that triggers the follow-up message after the ticket is closed by the agent.

4. Offer Omni-Channel Communication

Clients want the business to keep their communication channels open. This can range from special media to email, calls, and texts as well. However, customer support agents generally handle just one medium at a time. This can cause confusion and delay the solution. With the help of customer support tools, you can integrate all the channels and get one dashboard to handle everything. This minimizes the effort while maximizing the results.

5. Trigger Automated Confirmation

Confirmation of complaints and order received takes a lot of time and effort. In fact, there are trained teams that track these details and then send emails and texts when needed. However, this means businesses have to spend a lot of money on hiring people who can work on these tasks. With the use of customer service tools, you will get an automated confirmation feature. Every time, there is an order or complaint registered by the customer, it picks up and sends the confirmation to the customer. Similarly, when the ticket is closed it sent the confirmation message that the issue has been resolved.

6. Reporting

Reporting process comes under the KPIs of management or supervisors in most cases. To extract the data, you need to be very vigilant because there is a lot of room for human error. However, with the use of customer support tools, you will get reporting feature as well. With just one click, you can get the report for the whole year, month, or week based on your preference.

Bottom Line

Customer service tools are generally quite expensive even if they have limited features. To ensure that you are investing in the best customer tools, you can check if the tool you have opted for has all the above-mentioned features.

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