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IoT contribution towards world

IoT contribution towards world


IoT basically stands for “Internet Of Things”. IoT trend has started in the world with the name “Industrial Internet Of Things. It is renowned in Europe as industrial 4.0 where we are expecting a revolution that machines will no longer be needing humans for command. Instead, humans would be required to program those machines.

They will be acting like nodes that are connected together to share information with other nodes about any particular characteristic of data. They were started on a small scale for embedded system and now they are paving the way towards industrial machinery. How the Internet of Things can bring an impact in society and other domains, we will address briefly.


IoT will bring an impact in various sectors that are targeting mostly consumers. What are the major areas where it will impact most? Let us see a brief elaboration one by one


It is now becoming part of the fast-growing chain of the defense industry. Many systems are now being made by the latest micro-controllers and embedded systems that can achieve a milestone in the development of accuracy and precision for embedded systems. It has become a vital part in the aerospace and defense industry which is continuously contributing towards internet of things.


Health care is getting costlier day by day. There is a rise in chronic diseases that are getting difficult to be diagnosed properly. We are approaching the brink of disease but now thanks to the Internet of things.

Although it cannot stop chronic diseases, however, it can anticipate the cure of the disease if it can be diagnosed properly by the system based on Internet of things.
It is true that medical diagnostics consume large amount of bill which can be reduced by regulating regular checkups at patient’s home because if the diagnosis is done correctly then it can reduce the need to go for hospitalization.


If we connect these devices via real time monitoring we can reduce risks like heart diseases or any other dangerous disease. It can also send updates to your smartphone application if you would like to get updated with your diagnostic results.
The IoT device can transfer and collect data related to blood pressure, oxygen, cholesterol etc.
The data can be collected on the cloud and then it can be shared with specialists related to the particular domain. For example, if physicians need to see any report related to the patient, they can easily access it via the cloud.


It has enabled the machine to machine communication as data evolves and movement is possible making it efficient for delivery of information to concerned person.


BLE which is also known as Bluetooth low energy and other communication protocols like wifi, Z – wave and Zigbee are popular modem based communication protocols based on digital transformation of signals as per information sharing on limited distances. They have changed the way of treatment and delivery of reports.


There are the threats to security as all the device which are now networked and they need to be protected with security measures so that hackers cannot access their data and the devices are protected.

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