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Mouse Disappearing on Mac: Ways To Fix The Problem

Mouse Disappearing on Mac: Ways To Fix The Problem

Many Mac users prefer to use a mouse instead of using keyboard shortcuts. Despite the popularity of the device, users may experience many problems when their mouse pointers disappear, with no obvious reasons. Moving and dragging the right and left buttons repeatedly actually show no problem but the mouse simply goes invisible.

Although it appears that there is no real reason for this. But the experts say that this problem frequently occurs due to a lack of memory on your device. Many big applications in your Mac may be the bubble behind the problem. So, is there any option to get back the disappeared cursor on Mac? Yes, there are many solutions to fix the underlying problem.


Most probable reasons for the disappearance of cursor

There is always a reason or several reasons for a problem to show up. Before understanding the solutions, let us first go through the reasons behind the recurring problem.

  1. When your Mac is running slow on available memory. This may be due to:
    • Too many open browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) or software tabs (Word, Photoshop, etc.)
    • or, using multiple monitors that may take up your memory-making your Mac to run slowly.
  2. Watching youtube videos, that many times hides the mouse.
  3. Using multiple high-resolution displays (working with two screens or more)
  4. Third-party software conflicts also may result in the disappearance of the mouse cursor


The aforementioned are the most common reasons behind the vanishing of your mouse cursor.

Some tips to fix the disappearing mouse cursor on your Mac

According to many experts, a series of tips may be helpful for you to get rid of the existing mac cursor problem permanently. These are as such:

  • In the case of third-party mice and trackpads, check the manufacturer for a firmware update (drivers) compatible with macOS Catalina.
  • Change the mouse or trackpad on-screen pointer to a larger size.
  • Move down to the dock, pause, and then move to the screen center.
  • You can even ask the assistance of Siri in locating your mouse on-screen or increasing the cursor’s size for you to find it easily.
  • Switch your active window by pressing the command and tab keys.
  • Create a new hotkey in mission control.
  • Keep a check on the battery of the mouse and trackpads.
  • Switch on the accessibility preference Shake Mouse Pointer to locate.
  • Click and drag or right-click to make your mouse pointer visible.
  • Try a finger gesture on your trackpad.
  • Open and close the lid on your MacBook.
  • Force quit all the open programs on your Mac device.
  • You can even try restarting your device after some time.
  • Reset NVRAM or PRAM.

There are some other ways also that can help you in locating your mouse pointer.


Find your mouse pointer with Siri 

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Now, apart from solving and giving a helping hand for other tasks, Siri can help in finding the mouse pointer on your Mac. If Siri is enabled then it will help in finding the mouse cursor.


Concrete solutions to fix the mouse cursor disappearing on your Mac


There were some steps mentioned above that could have helped you. In case, you are not satisfied and want a more reliable solution. Then, those solutions will be discussed below.

    1. Make sure that there are no connections or interactive issues: Make sure that your mouse is turned on when you are using a wireless mouse. If you have configured interactive corners on your screen, try to move to an interactive corner at the moment when your mouse cursor disappears. Most of the time your cursor appears by following this simple step.
    2. Use your System preferences: For this particular solution, there are 3 alternatives through which you can solve the problem. These are:
      • Go to System Preferences> Accessibility> Display> Cursor size and alter the cursor size.
      • Go to System Preferences> Accessibility> Zoom> More options button and check “Enable Temporary Zoom”.
      • Go to System Preferences> Accessibility> Display> and turn shake Mouse Pointer to locate on.


    3. Visit your dock or your menu bar: When your cursor disappears, scroll down to the bottom of your screen and then scroll up back again. This will make your cursor reappear.
    4. Try your Trackpad or Touchpad: You may perform a three-finger swipe to the right on your trackpad so that you see the widgets screen. Wait for 20 seconds and then do a three-finger swipe to the left to get back to the finder and the cursor reappears.
    5. Click and Drag: You can click directly on your desktop and drag as if you were to be selecting a group and then release. This will surely help you in getting back your lost mouse pointer.
    6. Right-click: Try a right-click if it has it. For trackpads, click two fingers at the same time. Many times, the cursor comes right back.
    7. Force quit: It is not all time necessary. Often, bringing up the force quit menu gives you the mouse cursor back.
    8. Reset NVRAM: You need to follow two steps for this.
      • First of all, switch off your Mac device.
      • Press the power button to switch on your Mac and immediately after the startup sound, press and hold Command (⌘), Option, P, and, R. Keep pressing these keys until your system starts again.


    9. Patience is the key: In the end, patience is the only key left that will work for you. Usually, your mouse cursor comes back out of its hiding shell, on its own. Or, if you are very much frustrated, then turn-off your system for a few minutes and return. Probably, your cursor will also make a comeback.

These are some expert-recommended ways that are pro in their work.


Yes, the disappearance of the cursor may sound very easy to resolve. But, it can be really tiresome if it takes more than the desired time to come back. These professional tips are extremely helpful to help in complex yet sophisticated devices like Mac. you may adopt them or can suggest others who are going through the same problem.



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