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Partial Derivative Calculator

Partial Derivative Calculator


Partial derivatives are defined as derivatives of multiple variables when they are fixed during the differentiation, except for the variable of interest. 

Let f(x, y) be a two-variable function. If we maintain and differentiate f in relation to the variable x (assuming that f is differentiable), using the rules and formulas for differentiation, we get what is called the’ f’ partial derivative for x that is denoted by

partial derivative calculator

Similar to this we can obtain the so-called partial “f” derivative, which is indicated by Y if we keep x constant and differentiate f with regard to variable y.

Partial Derivative Calculator 1


Problem 1:

Find fx and fy partial derivatives if f(x, y) is specified as:

partial derivative calculator 1


Suppose that ‘ y ‘ is constant in order to obtain x:

partial derivative calculator 2

Now assume x is constant and differentiate with respect to y to obtain:

partial derivative calculator 3

Problem 2:

Find fx and fy if f(x , y) is given by

partial derivative calculator 4


Differentiate with respect to x assuming y is constant:

partial derivative calculator 5

Differentiate with respect to y assuming x is constant

partial derivative calculator 4

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