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Student finance: money-management tips to avoid a financial disaster at university

Student finance: money-management tips to avoid a financial disaster at university

As a student, you finally have a possibility to taste an independent life. It covers financial independence as well. You have the power of managing your money as well as the responsibility to stay financially stable. Due to this, you need to control your finances and operate your budget sensibly. Here are some ideas and strategies on how to avoid bankruptcy and financial disasters as a student.

Change Your Lifestyle

It all begins with your routine habits and activities. If you manage to adjust your everyday life properly, you will be able to reduce unnecessary expenses and manage your budget easily. Consider the following tips to make your lifestyle deprived of waste:

  • Cut down your spendings – analyze your daily spendings and eliminate unnecessary ones. Morning coffee, weekly shopping for clothes, cigarettes, accessories, new gadgets, etc. Do you really need all that right now? Stop and rethink; better save the money that you intended to spend so that you can invest them in something more worthy later.
  • Set priorities – prioritize your spendings. Better buy what you need but not what you want. Do you need a designer dress or a better warm coat for the upcoming winter? Would you better pay for a club entrance or powerpoint presentation writing service ? Comparing prices, necessities and wishes will allow you to make the right choice and spend money only when you really need to do so.
  • Consider your environment – mind that your environment has a great impact on your decisions. So, you’d better surround yourself with people who are also careful about their expenses and will show you a good example of mindful spending.
  • Opt for cheaper alternatives – always try to find cheaper alternatives but never opt for poor quality. If you go cheap, it doesn’t mean you have to eat and wear some rubbish. Prefer homemade coffee, meals, and snacks, refurbish your old clothes, live with your parents if possible, buy simple food and ordinary clothes, get used books, go jogging in the park.

There are plenty of opportunities to live a better life at a cheaper cost. You only have to get more creative and find alternatives at a reasonable price. This will allow you to save not only your money but your physical and mental health alongside.

Stick to Your Budget

Responsible relations with money are not about cash coming from somewhere and going elsewhere. But it is grounded on the sensible managing of your personal budget. Look through the following budget strategies:

  • Create a budget – if you still don’t have one, it is time to create a budget. You can use the old school method and get a separate notebook and pen to handle your financial issues. Or a better option is to exploit one of the budget-managing applications and have it at hand to control your income and spendings.
  • Track your spendings -with the help of notes or apps always track spendings. So that you can analyze them later and reduce unnecessary waste, or find out your waste pattern to take measures on them.
  • Save a little – no matter how small your income is, always try to save a little. Better establish a goal for your savings. It will encourage you to save faster and more at a time.
  • Create an emergency fund – along with your savings it is also good to create an emergency fund. You never know what is waiting for you. A sudden illness, car renovation, world tour at a huge discount. Anything can happen and you’d better be prepared for it than sorry for having no choices.

You cannot avoid it for a long time. The sooner you create and learn to operate your budget properly the sooner you will excel in personal financial management and hold financial stability.

Manage Your Student Loan

Many students have student loans to pay off. A student loan is commonly treated like a headache and limit to normal life and student fun. Still, if you treat it properly, your student loan won’t be a burden for you. Analyze your budget and adjust your student loan to your financial possibilities. You may need to reconsider some details to lower the interest you pay every month. Or maybe you may need to extend your payment period and lower monthly payments, but it may increase the interest rate instead. Take some time dealing with your student loan, so that you can pay it off in the nearest time and live a decent student’s life simultaneously.

Check out Student’s Discounts

Along with all the measures you take concerning your personal budget, you need to get the use of benefits you already have. Your biggest advantage is your student’s status. Students are often offered a range of discounts and profits in different areas. Museum tickets, library admission, fares, travels, food, clothes. There are discounts for students on literally everything. Just check out what is available in your area and benefit from the proposals.

Get a Job

Almost every student has a part-time job. And if you are still unemployed, maybe it is time for you to get one as well. It will enable you to increase your income, and spend and save more accordingly. Choose something that won’t interfere with your studies and social life. Go tutoring, work as a waiter or shop assistant, help in a family business. Anything you find appropriate will add to your budget and help you to learn the real value of the money at the same time.

Becoming a financially independent student is not a challenge you cannot overcome. Learn more about budget managing strategies, alter your lifestyle, and get the use of possibilities available for you. If you look closer, you will discover that a student can pay for basic necessities, save money and have fun with no hurdles.


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