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What to Post on Instagram: Some Engaging Ideas

What to Post on Instagram: Some Engaging Ideas

Instagram posts are usually uploaded most of the time. It can be an incredible picture or an attention-seeking video. Of course, such content shall grab the audience’s attention, no doubt. But there are many concrete ways to make an impressive impact on your audience. The idea of uploading the  pics, videos, or even story feeds increases the follower count on Instagram.

At the same time, this can happen through the usual methods mentioned earlier, delectable ways to multifold the user count. This article shall suggest some of the best customer engaging Instagram Post Ideas that can help increase your follower community.

Top Instagram Ideas That Can Engage the Audience Effectively

1. Start Quizzing

The mundane life of office and home needs a break, so people prefer to spend weekends a different way. The same holds good for Instagram posts too. How long are we going to see the photos and videos?

Attempt to create a post that has a puzzle in it. Using brains shall allow the user to engage for a few seconds, which is enough for them to wait for the next quiz time. You need not worry about creating the puzzle. The basic idea is to make the customer spend time seeing your post. A highly engaging picture with a puzzle can win many followers for your account. 

2. Solutions to Problems

People face a lot of troubles and challenges daily. There are very petty issues that they might not find solutions to. You can list down such problems and attempt to post the solutions in a video or a picture.

Remember, a news feed shall take longer for the user to read; they might abandon it too. So, incline to video-based content that can be crisp and result-driven. People often incline to videos that give answers to their day-to-day problems, which might be sinister but irritating. 

Remember, these posts need not be created often. You can post it once a month and take your time researching the troubles and solutions effectively. 

3. Take a Pic After Writing the Caption

It is the most creative way to post a highly engaging Instagram post. We usually search for a caption as we upload a picture on the social platform. Let us do the other way, and it shall be exciting to you as well. Write an enticing caption and take pictures based on it.

Upload the same. It can be a motion picture or a still one too. But the idea is, there shall be more sync to the caption this time that you would not have experienced earlier; of course, the audience shall feel the same. 

4. Product or Service Teaser

If you are an organization and planning to promote your brand or a product or service, Instagram is the right place. However, let us divert ourselves from the usual promo video. Initially, create some videos that grab attention and create curiosity among the users.

Once such videos are rolling in the social platforms, open the suspense with the event or the product or service you are planning to introduce. These teasers shall create a curiosity among the audience, and they shall be set to wait for the promotion you will be releasing later. 

5. Customer Review

It is trending these days. As a business, you must realize the fact that customers teach customers. They shall feel privileged to buy the product or use a service endorsed by the general public.

Moreover, for the customer to give feedback about the product shall be considered worthy too. Who will not like to feature on a brand’s social media page? It will increase not only the customer base but also customer interaction. 

6. Post-Top Management Interviews

The main aim behind digital marketing is to use the virtual platform to establish a human connection. As you start posting interviews from the top management, you allow the people to know about the founder, director, or the CEO of your company.

It shall help them get a greater connection with the brand. Further, the top management interaction with the users shall be of great effectiveness, and it gives them a sense of pride.

7. Educational Videos on Instagram

Time and again, we forget that adults like to be educated the right way. Videos are of immense importance in creating awareness of using a certain product or a service. It shall not only enlighten them but also helps them find a solution that they have been facing for such a long time.

Addressing the pain point through such educational videos can help engage customers. Also, while using such videos consistently, you are coaching the customers with many solutions, and your image in front of them shall be an Expert. 

Tips to Create Engaging Instagram Posts

Now that we know a few effective Instagram post ideas to create engaging Instagram posts, it is time for us to understand how to make one. It shall be easy for you if you use the tips given in this column.

  • Fix the Content: You must know what you are posting. Have clarity on the content that you are planning to post. In simple words, get ready with the theme of the Instagram post.
  • Type of Post: Decide on this before even going to the next step. Is it going to be pictures or videos or both? 
  • Create a Top-Class Post: Once decided on the type of post, then create them using suitable tools that are available in the market. Ensure you create 2 to 3 posts of a similar theme and select the one from the lot.
  • Use Attention Seeking Music: You will not post any visual content without a piece of captivating music added to it. Understand, visuals with immaculate music shall be of different levels.
  • Create Subtitles: Most of the viewers watch videos keeping the device volume low or mute. It would help if you catered to their preferences too. So, add subtitles or texts that can give them all the information that the other customers receive. 


So, these are some of the best ideas for Instagram posts. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above for creating the best Instagram post to attract your audience. Otherwise, you might not be successful!

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