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10 Best Questions to Ask During a Tarot Reading

10 Best Questions to Ask During a Tarot Reading

Tarot card readers have a skillful talent that enables them to see deeper into a person’s life, situation or even into their future. Often, when people seek the services of tarot readers, they have a specific question or a set of questions that they feel compelled to ask. 

However, there are other cases when a person sits down for a tarot reading, he or she draws a complete blank, and cannot think of a single thing to ask. This could be because of nervousness or maybe just an overgeneralization of curiosities. 

So, what are the best tarot questions to ask when you have a reading? Here are five of the top categories for questions and example questions listed in each.


Ask About Your Social Circle:

There are more than abundant questions that have to do with the people you hang out with regularly. Many questions can be centered on a broken or wounded friendship. Maybe you have a dear friend who seems depressed and detached but won’t talk about it. Sometimes you feel like a third wheel out with a couple of friends and you’re not sure why.

No matter what the situation may be, here are some of the best questions to ask about friends in a tarot reading.

  • Are the people I call my friends really on my side?
  • How can I make my friendships be life lasting?

When you ask these questions, be sure to specify which of your friends you’re referring to, by name. Otherwise, the tarot reader may find conflicting information concerning more than one of them.

Ask About Your Finances

A lot of people seek out tarot readers with money inquiries. This is not the same as your career. Questions about your finances may include some career-based content and vice versa. Be that as it may, there are many other money-related questions that concern investments and major purchases, sales, gambling, and inheritances all concerning money but not a career. Consider these questions when you’re with a tarot reader.

  • Should I take the investment opportunity I have or will it be a bad choice?
  • How can I get more money from selling my house?
  • How can I better my budget?

Ask About Your Career:

Maybe you’re unhappy with your job or your employer. Maybe an issue with a coworker is unresolved and thus getting progressively worse. Things of this nature are excellent career-based questions. Here are a few other similar things you could ask the reader about.

  • How can I improve my productivity?
  • Why does my boss seem to hate me?

Ask About Your Health:

Please know that in no way is a tarot card reading more qualified to diagnose any form of a health issue than a medical professional. Always seek medical attention in an emergency. The following questions and any others that you may decide to ask can point you in a good direction, but they are not a replacement for a doctor visit

  • What can I do to help improve my emotional wellbeing?
  • Is the problem with my leg being swollen a true cause for concern?

Ask About Your Love Life:

Probably at the top of the list when it comes to categories of tarot questions are those about romance, relationships, marriage and sex. The heart is a curious thing and often seems to have a justifiable cause for the way it wants to lead us in love. 

Perhaps you’re dealing with an unfaithful lover, and you want to get a second opinion. maybe there’s someone you know and whom you’re particularly fond of, but you want to know the feeling is mutual before chancing the regret of it not being. Here are a couple of great questions to ask about romance.

  • What positive and negative elements am I bringing into a new or current relationship and how can I balance this out?
  • Is there a real chance for a lifelong relationship with the person I’m dating or should I move on?

Having some of the questions you’d like to ask in mind when you visit a tarot card reader is the best way to show respect for the reader and to get the most out of your readings.

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