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Budget-Friendly Ways To Build Online Business Presence From Scratch

Budget-Friendly Ways To Build Online Business Presence From Scratch

According to research, 81% of the customers go online before visiting the store. Long gone are the days when businesses could survive with their simple promotions and customer service. Now, they need a great online presence to stay in the market.

Not only this but having an online presence also works as customer service. Your target audience will use your website or social media to learn more about the products or services. They can read testimonials and FAQs, which help build their trust in your company.

However, many small businesses have this misconception that creating a great online presence will affect their budget. Well, truth to be told, it is not true!

On the contrary, there are several budget-friendly tactics that can help create your online presence. But, first, you need to select the right platform.

Select The Right Platform

Numerous platforms can help you set up your online presence—for instance, WordPress, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and many others. You can create your profiles on each one of these platforms very easily. However, instead of focusing on everything simultaneously, you need to select the right platform (according to your primary aim) and work over it.

For instance, suppose you have a boutique in Finland. In this scenario, your primary motive is to sell the clothes and accessories. And according to your aim, designing a clothing business website on WordPress will help you make sales. You can read the WordPress website Finland blogs to learn more about website designing. Once you have created your site, you need to focus it’s ranking using digital marketing tactics. These will help you grow your business to a great extent.

Digital Marketing Tactics 

After selecting the right platform, you need to create a marketing strategy to help improve the online presence.

  • SEO: Search engine optimization is all about improving your website ranking on Google and other search engines. To help achieve this target, you need to work on your website’s performance continuously. Make sure the site is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, has high-quality content, and has the right keywords.

Note: If you have a website on WordPress, it’ll be effortless for you to implement different SEO measures.

  • High-Quality Content: In the digital world, content is the king. If you provide unique and high-quality content, people will often search for you or revisit your site. Therefore, you need to post quality content daily on every selected platform. Also, keep in mind that the more interactive your content is, the higher will be your online presence.


  • Google My Business Account: It is one of the easiest ways to improve business visibility. So, you must create this account. This way, whenever a person searches about your products or services, your store, location, website, and other crucial information will appear on the right side of Google’s first page.


  • Paid Promotions: Lastly, if you have the budget, you can try paid promotions over google and social media. It will help instantly elevate your reach, so your website or page traffic will automatically improve.


Selecting the right platform and digital marketing technique will help you build and improve your business presence. Not to mention, all the tactics mentioned above are budget-friendly. So, you’ll spend less and earn more!



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