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What are the Benefits of Using WIFI ultra boost?

What are the Benefits of Using WIFI ultra boost?

WiFI extender or wireless extender are standard devices that are used to amplify the WiFi in your home. With these devices, all corners of your home can have powerful WiFi signals. However, range extenders tend to be challenging to configure, unlike WiFi Ultraboost. Here, I will describe what are the Benefits of Using WiFi ultra boost?

I heard about the WiFi Ultraboost from It extends the range of the WiFi coverage so you can browse the internet from any dead zones of your house. It intercepts your router’s wireless signal and transmits it again while amplifying the weak signal. So, you can surf the internet on the dead zones with a stable internet connection.

What are the Benefits of Using WIFI ultra boost?

WiFi Ultraboost provides apparent benefits and advantages that make it more reliable than others. Let’s see the benefits.

1.     A powerful signal

With a connection speed of up to 300 Mb per second, you have everything to take full advantage of the Internet. You will never face disconnection and network drop issues. I used it in my room where the signal is very weak as the router is located on the ground floor.

2.     Wi-Fi reaches every corner

Whether you are in your room or in the attic or at the back of your garden, you will enjoy a connection as fast as if you were next to your router. The device allows you to cover the dead zones with a stable internet connection.

3.     Simple to set up

Just plug in your Wifi Ultraboost and sync it to your router to start using it. You do not require to configure it manually. It automatically makes the connection with your home Wi-Fi network through its WPS feature.

4.     Connect multiple devices

You can use several devices to your Wi-Fi network without losing the performance of your connection. I have experienced fast and stable internet speed on 11 smart devices at a time.

5.     Small and discreet

The device is simply plugged into your wall. You will forget its presence in no time. No need for a wall mount or hanger to attach it. Also, its weight is about 4 ounces so there are no risks of auto plug out from your home outlet.

Why I need the WiFi UltraBoost?

Nowadays, most homes are equipped with a WiFi network to surf the Internet without having to be wired. However, what often happens is that your signal is not strong enough to reach all the rooms in your house. It is a situation that could also occur in the office. The WiFi UltraBoost considerably strengthens your signal to allow you to enjoy the Internet wherever you are. For these reasons, you should need the WiFi UltraBoost to extend your WiFi network in your house.

How to Install WiFi UltraBoost?

wifi ultra boost 2

Installing WiFi UltraBoost is not rocket science. To install the WiFi UltraBoost, simply follow the following steps:

  • Unpack the WiFi UltraBoost and plug it in.
  • On your router, activate the WPS button, which allows you to authorize access to the local network to other devices.
  • Then switch on your WiFi UltraBoost.
  • Now, take a laptop and connect the WiFi UltraBoost.
  • Open the browser and log in to with valid credentials. (Default username and password is admin)
  • Configure the WiFi UltraBoost in repeater mode.
  • Put the SSID and security key. (It should be different from your home WiFi network)
  • The Installation steps are completed.
  • Now, browse the internet from every corner of your house.

As you can see, the installation method is very easy. This is also a big positive point of this WiFi UltraBoost, where most WiFi repeaters are disconcertingly complex when it comes to installation.

User’s reviews on the WiFi UltraBoost

I have gathered in this section several WiFi UltraBoost user reviews that I have found on different websites to prove its effectiveness.

  1. I wanted to work in my garden, surrounded by my flowers and my plants. But the WiFi signal from my box did not reach the garden. So I did some research to find an effective signal booster. This is how I found this product. I have since installed it and now have internet throughout the house, including the garden.
  2. My wife and I love watching movies in our bedroom. But we just moved and in this new house, the signal was not reaching our upstairs room. We then installed this device and now we have Netflix all over the house! No complaints, I recommend it.
  3. I’ve tried hundreds of devices that promised to boost the WiFi signal, but they turned out to be a real waste of money. I had decided to quit with this type of product and resign myself to having to connect the computer with the cable directly to the router. A colleague recommended WiFi ultraboost with a WPS function to me and I looked for more information on this product. After reading any WiFi ultraboost review on the web, I am convinced. I never left it. I highly recommend it.

Final Word

Now, you know what are the Benefits of Using WiFi ultra boost. WiFi Ultraboost is a device that increases the strength of your WiFi range. This way, you can be sure that every corner of your house is covered, even the back of the garden. You can then enjoy your WiFi wherever you are in your home.

If you’re like me and love to work on your computer soaking up the sun in the garden, you know the frustration of a bad WiFi connection. Fortunately, this device will change all that. I would only tell you that this is a must-have if you are having trouble with your WiFi signal strength at home or in the office.


Meta: What are the Benefits of Using WiFi ultra boost? Its 2.4Ghz 300mbps system allows you to extend home WiFi network. Anyone can configure it with home router.

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