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CAUSATIVE VERBS (acting of cause)

CAUSATIVE VERBS (acting of cause)
The verbs that show the cause (reason) that something happens or happened. They are used when we
arrange someone to do something for us.
They are: make, cause, help, have, had, urge, force, help, let, allow, permit, hold, made, keep, let.
Use third form of verb after get, have, or had.
Use first form of verb after make or made.
After cause, use noun.
Use to with urge.
Look at these sentences.
  • He made the book bind.
  • I had the naughty boy punished.
  • He makes us laugh.
  • I made him ride the horse.
  • He made us laugh by his tricks.
  • He urged him to carry the bag.
  • I shall get this script typed.
  • We had our tickets checked.
  • The teacher made me dust the cupboard.
  • I have got my name registered.
  • I urged him to take the examination.
  • She helped me put on coat.
  • Have you got your clothes prepared?
  • Your foolishness has caused us great anxiety.
  • He made the kite fly.
  • We got the result declared.
  • Get this certificate attested by your principal.
  • We urged the children to run.
  • His refusal caused my failure.
  • Your timely help caused my success.
  • She got a letter written.
  • I got the room painted.
  • I made him cut my hair.
  • My teacher helped me solve this problem.
  • I let him sit here.
  • The principal let me wait for him.
  • Our teacher keeps us engage.
  • I can not allow you sit here.
  • My teacher urged me to work hard.
  • He forced us smoke.
  • I had my car washed.
  • The principal let him sit there.
  • His failure caused a great loss in business.
  • She made him promise to marry her.
  • She makes her children do their home work before going to bed.
  • Her mother lets her watch TV.

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