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Descriptive Paragraph

This type of paragraph has four main aims. First, this type of paragraph describes something or somebody that conveys the information. Secondly, such a paragraph creates powerful images in the reader’s mind. Thirdly, this appeals to the primary senses of vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. It is to get the maximum emotional response from the reader. And finally, this increases the dynamics of the text.

Persuasive Paragraph

In such paragraphs, the writer tries to convince the reader to agree with his opinion or to follow a course of action. The topic of persuasive paragraph is serious, debatable, and free from personal liking or disliking. The concluding sentence in a persuasive paragraph re-emphasizes the writer’s opinion.


This type of paragraph tells a story or relates a series of events. These paragraphs appear as parts of extensive works, such as personal narratives, novels, or short stories. These types of paragraphs are arranged in chronological order. This enables the reader to understand how one event leads to another.


In such a paragraph, the writer wants to define, explain or inform. It may be developed with facts and figures, or statistics. It should be direct and unemotional in tone avoiding vague words. It should be free from the personal opinion of the writer. The writer’s main objective is to share information or direction as he has or feels.

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