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Excel Hyperlink Functions and Formulae [With Examples]

Excel Hyperlink Functions and Formulae [With Examples]

There are various ways to use Excel Hyperlink. Similarly like MS Word or a website, you can also create a hyperlink in Excel. The hyperlink is used whenever you want to switch the sheet or you want to show things that are not available at the same place. Here you can check everything about excel hyperlink function.

Excel Hyperlink

If you are a beginner and are not aware of excel’s hyperlink concepts, then here you can check the concept as of how to use. The functions create a shortcut which jumps from one location to another location. If you are adding a hyperlink to any cell, then whenever you and anyone click on that cell, Excel will automatically jump to that location.

Excel Hyperlink Formula: Syntax

The syntax of the Excel hyperlink function is

Hyperlink(link_location, [text_name])


Link_location: In this parameter, you need to provide the path and file of the document that you want to open. In link location, you can place any document like a specific cell or named range. The path can be a file or universal naming convention or an URL.

Text_name: This is the text name which you can see in the cell. After giving hyperlink, the text is displayed in blue color with underlined. The text_name can be anything, it can be a value, text string, cell, and name on which you want to apply hyperlink.

Different Ways to create a hyperlink

There are various ways to create a hyperlink. Check here

Website URL

  • Whenever you type any website address in a cell, the MS Excel will automatically insert the hyperlink.
  • Write in B2, it will automatically create a hyperlink.

Inbuilt Excel Command

  • Write text on which you want to apply hyperlink.
  • In the ribbon, look for the Insert tab.
  • Then click on hyperlink command.
  • You will find another window where you have to mention the address.
  • Now click on OK and you will find hyperlink added to the cell.

Let’s take Excel hyperlink example, type bullets in excel as text name and insert the hyperlink on this text by following the above process. Check the result that comes in front of you.

Hyperlink formula in Excel

In excel table, you will find the list of the hyperlinks wherein Column A you will find text name and in column B you find the URL. Now check hyperlinks in column C. Check the formula above.

In order to create a hyperlink, click on C2 where you need to mention the formula for the hyperlink.

Cell C2 = Hyperlink(B2,A2)

Press enter and you will see the hyperlink in C2.

Now drag the corner to all the rows.


For example, in column A you have mentioned the text name on which you want the hyperlink. In column B, you find the website address that you want to use on text name. Now with the help of text-name and website URL, you can add a hyperlink in column C.

This is the excel hyperlink formula to the cell. Similarly, you will find the excel hyperlink to the cell in another sheet. In excel online, you need to choose the cell. By clicking on it, you will jump to the destination of the hyperlink.

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