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How to do Filtering in Excel to find data [Sorting Data]

How to do Filtering in Excel to find data [Sorting Data]

Here you can check how you can perform filtering in excel to sort the data and to find the data. You can filter your excel data whichever meet the certain criteria and displays the records that you want to show. Along with filtering of data, you can also check the sorting of data to sort the data.

Filtering in Excel

You can use an auto filter and inbuilt comparison to filter data like greater than and top 10 which will be going to show the data that you want or hide the other things. After you have done filtering of data, you can reapply filter again to get the required result. After the completion of the filtering, you can copy, edit, find, print, and chart the subset of the filter without rearranging and moving it further.

You can filter more than a single column using the filter option. The filters are additive that means every filter is based on the current filter and it reduces the data subset. There are two types of filters available i.e, list value or by criteria. You can either filter by the list of numbers or via criteria. You cannot use both together.

How to use Filter in Excel?

  • Choose the cell within the range or list.
  • Go to the Data option and select the Filter option.
  • Choose the header arrow in the column.
  • Click on the text filters or the number filters.
  • Choose the comparison i.e, between
  • Enter the criteria for the filter
  • Click on OK.

How to Clear Filter in Excel?

If you have already applied the filter and now you want to remove it then you need to follow the below-mentioned process

  • Click on the Filter icon to remove filter option.
  • This will automatically remove the filter options on the columns.

How to use Advanced Excel Filter?

  • Choose the cells in the database.
  • In Excel’s ribbon, go to the data tab.
  • Click on the advanced option to open the advanced filter dialog box.
  • Choose the option “Filter the list in place” or either copy to another location.
  • Excel will detect the range of the list automatically.
  • Select the criteria range.
  • Choose the copy to option where you can mention the new location.
  • Click on Ok.

How to filter data in Pivot table?

To filter data in the pivot table, you need to use Excel Slicer. For performing this you need to follow the below mentioned process:

  • Choose the cell in the pivot table.
  • Go to the Analyze option and select the slicer.
  • Choose the fields on which you want to apply the slicer.
  • Click on OK button.
  • Choose the items that you want to select.

This is how you can perform filtering in excel to organize and to find the data in excel.

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