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Excel Tutorial Step by Step [FREE] Guide for Beginners

Excel Tutorial Step by Step [FREE] Guide for Beginners

If you are a beginner in Excel and looking for an Excel Tutorial online, then you are at the right place. Excel is used for many purposes. You can store your confidential financial data as well as numerical data. Apart from storing the data, you can also retrieve and manipulate data. Here we have listed step by step process for everything to help you learn MS Excel.

Excel Tutorial

MS Excel has a grid format sheet where you can store, retrieve, organize, and manipulate numerical and financial data. It is a spreadsheet program which is ideal for storing and extracting confidential company data that can be used for entering, calculating, and comparing facts and figures for taxes, sales, and commissions.

Importance of Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel has now become an important software and program for all business organizations. It has a simple interface that allows you to perform calculations and basic activities such as summing up the columns and rows. You can generate memos, sales trends for tracking, and other related data.

The main reason behind Excel popularity is that the user can use different summation and other formulas for calculating half-yearly, quarterly, and annual reports. You can also track sales leads, taxes, project status, and get invoice reports.

Excel Online:  Explore Window

Here you can check the important parts of the Excel window.


File Tab

In a file tab, you will find various options like opening and saving of files, creating a new sheet, print, and other related options.


In the ribbon, you will find various commands including Tabs, Groups, and commands wherein tabs you will find options such as home, insert, page layout etc.

View Button

In a view option, you will find normal layout, page layout, and page break option.

Sheet Area

In a sheet area, you can enter data. It has a flashing vertical bar which is known as an insertion point and represents the place where you can enter the text.

Status Bar

In a status bar, you will find the details of the sheet and the insertion location. In the bar, you will find the total number of pages and word count.

What is Excel used for?

Excel is used to keep tracking and accessing financial data and information about any company or organization. It helps in

  • To keep track of total sales and income earned by the customer.
  • Monitoring employee’s salary and customer payments.
  • To keep track of expenses.
  • To calculate the total work hours of an employee to pay monthly wages.
  • Monitoring monthly payments on mortgages.
  • Analysis through graphs and charts and to analyze the company performance in accordance with time.
  • Based on three years previous data, you can calculate monthly sales.
  • To note projects and tasks assigned to the particular employee.

How to use Excel?

Firstly, we will enter some data into the cell. A cell is a row number and column number. For example, let’s create a worksheet for student’s marks where the columns have the student name in Column A. Now enter Math, English, and Science in B1, C1, and D1. Now, we have the 5*4 grid.


To make everything visible, you can click on the Center justify icon so that all the data comes at the center underneath headings.


Here in this Excel tutorial, you will learn Excel formulas and advanced excel functions.

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