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Common and Useful Excel Shortcuts [KEYBOARD] for Mac & Windows

Common and Useful Excel Shortcuts [KEYBOARD] for Mac & Windows

To speed up your work and to make your life easier, use these keyboard shortcuts and save your time. Not only in excel, but you can use keyboard shortcuts anywhere you want. Here we are giving you details about these useful excel shortcuts that you can use for windows and mac.

Excel Shortcuts

Add Current Time

If you want to enter current time then no need to use any formula just use this shortcut

For PC, Ctrl+Shift+:

For Mac, Ctrl+Shift+:

Add Current date

If you want to add current date in a cell, then you need to apply a formula. To save your time

For PC, Ctrl+;

For Mac, Ctrl+;

Add Hyperlink

A hyperlink is used for redirecting the keyword to its destination. To insert hyperlink

For PC, Ctrl+K

For Mac, Ctrl+K

Search items

If you want to search any item or function then just press Ctrl+F and type the keyword. Click up and down arrows to check the option.

For PC, Ctrl+F

For Mac, Ctrl+F

Copy formula from above cell

Copying formula from the above cell will give you an exact copy of formula whereas the cell references will not change.

For PC, Ctrl+`

For Mac, ^+`

To hide columns

If you want to hide columns then you can use these shortcut keys that will save your time in hiding columns.

For PC, Ctrl+0

For Mac, 6+0

Copy value from above cell

If you do not want the cell formula and just require values then you can use this above shortcut.

For PC, Ctrl+Shift+”

For Mac, ^+Upper arrow+”

Select Entire Column

Selecting the complete columns is also a timesaver. Using Shift and arrows, you can select multiple columns.

For PC, Ctrl+space

For Mac, ^+space

Select Entire Rows

To save much time, select the entire row. Use these shortcuts and select the row. To select multiple rows you need to hold Shift along with up/down arrows.

For PC, Shift+Space

For Mac, upward arrow+Space

Insert Table

Use these shortcut keys that will let you insert table. By doing so, it will ask you where the data on your table is and your excel table will get created automatically.

For Windows, Ctrl+T

For Mac, ^T

Add Border to Cells

If you want to add an outer border or outline around the selected cell then just use this shortcut.

For Windows, Alt+H, B

For Mac, Command+Option+0

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