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Freeze Panes in Excel [COLUMNS & LOCK ROWS]

Freeze Panes in Excel [COLUMNS & LOCK ROWS]

Freeze panes in excel: If you have a large data set, then you need to freeze rows and columns so that the rows and columns become visible whenever you scroll the rest of your worksheet. The freeze panes allow you to compare rows in a spreadsheet and show the important information like table headings always in view. Here you can check how to freeze panes in excel follow the process and freeze the rows and columns accordingly.

How to Freeze Panes in Excel

  • In the toolbar, look for the view tab.
  • Click on view tab.
  • Choose freeze panes.
  • Click on its drop-down icon and it will show you few options.
  • Choose Freeze top row option.
  • Scroll down to the worksheet.
  • You will find that Excel has added a dark grey horizontal line in its top row indicating that the top row is frozen.
  • Similarly, you can do this for the first column and you can freeze the first column.

How to Unfreeze Panes in Excel

To unlock the rows and columns, you need to follow the below processes

  • In its view tab, click on the freeze panes.
  • In its drop-down list, choose to unfreeze panes.
  • This way you can unlock all the rows and columns.

How to freeze columns or rows in Excel

If you have a big size list, then you can freeze the headers and columns to make it visible while scrolling the data. As we scroll down the data, we find that the headers will automatically scroll off the screen. The Excel offers you three different options to freeze columns and rows.

Freeze Top Row: If you want to freeze the top row of your list then select freeze top row option from the menu. You will find that the top row is locked but it is visible as you scroll down the data. If you want to unfreeze the top row, select unfreeze panes for the menu.

Freeze First Column: To freeze the first visible column, you need to select the freeze first column options. After doing this, the first column of the worksheet will get locked and remain visible whenever you scroll. To unfreeze the first column, you need to choose to unfreeze panes from the menu.

Freeze First Panes: The column is visible portion will now be locked and remain visible whenever you scroll. To unfreeze column, you must choose to unfreeze panes from the menu. You can freeze columns and rows at the same time.

If you want the header row shown at the top then you need to apply freeze panes. If any table has a freeze panes, then you will notice whenever you scroll down the data, the header will automatically scroll off.

When we scroll right, you will find company name will no longer be visible or the column that you want will not be longer visible. Hence to enhance the visibility of the column, you need to apply the freeze panes. With freeze panes, whenever you move around in the worksheet, the columns and rows will display normally but they are locked.

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