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How to Build an Organic Marketing Strategy for Instagram

How to Build an Organic Marketing Strategy for Instagram

Did you know that Instagram is one of the top 10 visited websites in the world? In fact, it officially ranks as the 7th most visited!

When a social media network is ranking that high, there are definite reasons why marketers should be directing their organic marketing efforts there!

From the ability to accurately measure your organic marketing tactics to be able to analyze your audience. Keep reading to find out how to organically promote your brand on Instagram.

What Does Organic Marketing Mean?

The word organic is a buzzword that has made its debut along with digital marketing, website marketing, and social media marketing.

Organic marketing drives your online marketing efforts through free traffic generating tactics as opposed to using paid advertising options.

Generating traffic organically this way is done through using things like blogging and SEO, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts.


Instagram Marketing Strategy

The most important of any organic marketing strategy is the foundation upon which you build your tactics, this solid foundation must be based on knowing who your ideal target audience is.

All your content should be created with your target audience in mind. What kind of content would they find useful and relevant? What questions might they want to be answered? What kind of content are they searching for?

Most importantly, organic marketing on Instagram is only for you and your business if you know that your target audience is actively using the platform.

You can look into gaining free Instagram followers as a way to organically grow your account for a solid basis to build on.

Focus On Content

The quality of your content is far more important than the quantity at which you post.

Consistency is key when it comes to your content, but this refers more specifically to the look and feel of your content and how it represents your brand.

Your content needs to be high-quality, the images should look good when posted, avoid pixelated or low-quality images like the plague.

To grow organically, also pay attention to your descriptions and your hashtags. The tone and voice used should match the identity of your brand. The hashtags you use should be trending and actively followed by your ideal target audience.

Doing all these things will help you measure the success of your organic marketing efforts so that you can see what’s working and what might need to change.

Don’t Give Up!

Organic marketing will never, ever be an overnight success, unless, of course, you strike gold and manage to go viral.

Start your organic marketing efforts with patience and dedication as it will take time for you to start seeing positive results. Measuring performance is absolutely key to the success of your Instagram strategy so that you know what works and you can keep at it.

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