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How to Decide if You Should Update Your Website

How to Decide if You Should Update Your Website

When’s the last time you updated your website? Many business owners forget about keeping their site up to date over time, because they’re too busy focusing on things like creating new marketing campaigns or designing new products. However, your site is also the storefront for your business in the digital world. It’s how you ensure that you can showcase the right brand image to your customers, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to define yourself as a leader in your space. If your website looks old and outdated, or it’s not giving your customers the kind of exceptional experience they expect, it could be time to upgrade.

Key Signs That Your Site Needs Updating

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for updating or redesigning a website. Some people build future-proof websites that last for several years before they need an upgrade. Others need to update frequently, when they change their brand direction, or merge with a new company. Here are some signs that could indicate it’s time for an upgrade:

  • Your customer experience isn’t great: If your customers are complaining that they’re unhappy with the performance of your site, or you’ve noticed an increase in the bounce rate (the number of people hitting the back button), this is a problem. Poor customer experience indicates that you need to update site functionality.
  • Something about your brand has changed: If you’ve recently made a significant change to your brand, like updating your logo, or changing your brand personality, you’ll need to upgrade. It’s crucial to ensure that you’re sending the same consistent message across all of your online and offline assets. Make sure that your website makes the right impression.
  • You want to add new features: You may decide that you’ll be able to convert more customers if you add new features like countdown timers, or subscription payment options to your site. This could mean that you only need to add a few custom widgets. Alternatively, you may decide to redesign your website entirely.
  • You’re not matching up with the competition: If your competitor’s website looks 100 times better than yours, you’re going to struggle to convince anyone to buy from you. Keep an eye on how your competition is investing in its online assets. This will help you to decide when you can’t afford to let your site look outdated.

It Pays to Keep Your Site Updated

Although updating your website design and functionality can seem like an expensive thing, it’s also crucial to your long-term success. The money you spend now could save you a fortune in otherwise lost sales and conversions. You might even find that the investment isn’t as significant as you think either. If you get a personal loan to get your credit card debt under control, this could free up enough money for the business to update its site. There are great rates available for personal loans online, and you don’t have to worry about things like difficult business terms or jumping through various business banking hoops. Once you’ve made this initial investment, you can turn your focus back to helping your company grow.

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