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SEO – Easy Search Engine Optimization for ranking on Google [Page 1]

SEO – Easy Search Engine Optimization for ranking on Google [Page 1]

What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Search engine optimization or SEO optimization means to optimize a website in a manner which makes easy for search engines to index any website. It is a cheapest and organic way of internet marketing.

Crawling the websites is done by bots in search engines, so it is important and necessary for a website to be optimized for a search engine to give a better indexing experience to bots.

Every person, who knows about benefits and potential of earning on the internet, wishes to have a website. When an internet user comes to know about earning via websites on the internet, he starts making blogs and websites.

Some of the world’s top entrepreneurs have earned billions of dollars online from websites. Even we consider a very small website, it can never succeed unless it is search engine optimized.

You can hire WebSoft IT Development Solutions (Private) Limited to do web development and search engine optimization of your website.

There are very few people who have their personal websites that are not for generating revenue but if you analyze you will come to know that more than 90% of websites on the internet have been made with intention of increasing income. There is a big number of people who are making a good income from websites.

But why only their websites are popular? Why search engines show their websites’ pages in most of the search results? Why don’t all the people become successful in earning through the website?

The answer is search engine optimization or SEO optimization. By using this technique, they have indirectly welcomed the search engines to index their websites. They make easy for the bots to crawl their websites and in return, these bots analyze and prefer their sites. Hence, they get the high traffic and make a big revenue.

Every website does not generate money. The major reason is “Absence of optimized content”.

The people spend a lot of money to get their websites developed. They hire article writers to write content for their websites. They get ads accounts approved or buy already approved advertisement accounts from other people but at the end, still they earn nothing. Because either these websites have no traffic or these websites lack quality traffic.

These people buy traffic from various sources like freelance websites, advertising networks, traffic exchange programs etc. But at the end, they lose their advertisement accounts, because most of the traffic exchange websites and freelancers provide fake bots traffic to increase visits on websites.

Publisher networks analyze the traffic and suspend the account when they find traffic fake. Hence, to increase revenue you always need to do search engine optimization of your website and try to receive organic and premium traffic from search engines.

Why do you choose only SEO optimization?

Search engine optimization is the best way to make your website visible on different search engines like Google , Bing and YAHOO!. The people do google seo, bing seo and yahoo seo. And this is the only authentic and genuine way to increase traffic on your website. If you are thinking to buy paid traffic. In that case, sometimes you may get profit and sometimes you lose all of your profits. Because paid traffic via quality and reputable networks sometimes also give no benefit. They have

The people never consider it easy to memorize the name of any website. It has been analyzed that the people prefer to use search engines and ask their queries on them. Because search engines can bring them the best matching and desired results. Searching any type of content on the search engine is always the best way to enjoy the personalized experience of getting information. SEO websites are the only websites that are earning a good income with a good profit range.

Who will do SEO optimization?

If you have knowledge of search engine optimization, then it is better to do it yourself. But if you don’t have its knowledge, you can hire affordable SEO company or SEO agency. There are a number of SEO companies and SEO agencies who are working for SEO marketing of the websites.

The basics of SEO optimization consists of two areas.

  • On Page
  • Off page

The impact of on-page SEO optimization is 70% while off-page SEO optimization is 30%.

In on-page SEO optimization, you work on your own website and focus on areas like website description, website title, page title, page keywords, page description and other types of meta data that tells about the page of the website.

In off-page SEO optimization, we make backlinks and references from other websites to gain traffic referred by these websites.

So, to make the successful website, you need to get high traffic on the website and to get high traffic, you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. Once keywords of your website are ranked, you will achieve your website goals.

Read about plagiarism, it is also important to rank your website on Google.

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