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Spotlight on: LoL Isurus Team

Spotlight on: LoL Isurus Team

In 2013, Facundo ‘Kala’ Calabro set up Team Isurus and assembled a group of professional League of Legends players. A ferocious blue shark’s head logo completed the team. From their base in Mexico, the players quickly established Team Isurus as one of the most exciting Latin American teams.

Titles Success

2016 was a significant year for Team Isurus. Although a dominant force in local LoL competitions, major success had so far eluded them. The LAS Opening Cup was a tense event. Team Isurusprogressed through the early rounds and won a place in the final. Their opponents were Last Kings. The players of Team Isuruswere in great form and won the match 3-0. In the Closing Cup of that year, Team Isurus was able to repeat its success. When the new season began in 2017, Team Isurus continued its successful streak by winning the Opening Cup. It proved to be an historic achievement, as at present, no other team competing in LoL has had three consecutive victories in Latin American competitions.

2019 Double Cup Winners

After a quiet season in 2018, Team Isurus was eager to regain those earlier glories. The players’ strategies and sharp shooting accuracy were at their most outstanding. The team cruised to victory in the Opening Cup. The players maintained their premium level of play throughout the year and added the 2019 Closing Cup to their trophy cupboard.

Worlds Action in 2019

The team’s performances throughout the year brought qualification for the Worlds in 2019. The tournament is the highlight of every LoL player’s professional career. Under the supervision of head coach Markus ‘UkkyLeuemberger, Team Isurus trained hard with hours of practice before the tournament began. Once the Worlds was under way, Team Isurus faced formidable opposition. They played teams such as Phong Vu Buffalo from Vietnam and Bombers of Australia. They also competed against Splyce, a dynamic team from Madrid in Spain. Despite adventurous play, Team Isurus was unable to progress to the later stages. In a crucial match, the team was outplayed by Hong Kong Attitude, and had to leave the competition.

2022 Campaign

Professional players for Team Isurus for 2022 included Jelly (Son Ho-G Yeong), Pan (Luis Andres Bonilla Rodriguez) and Grell (Jesus Alberto Loya Trujillo). International competitions are always popular for teams and audiences. In the

autumn of 2022 Team Isurus won matches against highly accomplished opponents such as Estral eSports and Istanbul Wild Cats. However, Team Isurus’ recent victories have been balanced by memorable losses. The team has been defeated by Saigon Buffalo, formerly known as Phong Vu Buffalo. The players also lost matches to MAD Lions, originally named Splyce.


Team Isurus has experienced contrasting results, from three consecutive cup wins in 2018 to recent defeats. But as one of the best League of Legends teams, their fortunes are sure to revive in 2023.

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