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Tomb of Asif Jah (Asif Khan) at Shahdara, Lahore

Tomb of Asif Jah (Asif Khan) at Shahdara, Lahore

The Tomb of Asif Jah is a 17th-century mausoleum, located at Shahdara garden in the city of Lahore.Mirza Abul Hasan(Asif Jah) was the brother of empress Noor Jehan,who was wife of Jahangir.He was the father of Mumtaz Mahal (Arjumand Begum) who was the most favorite wife of Shah Jehan.
Asif Jah was the prime minister of India and viceroy of Punjab. His own palace was in Lahore, which was called ‘Asif Jah’s Havelee’.Asif Jah died in 1641and his tomb was built by the orders of Emperor Shah Jehan. It is located opposite the tomb of Jehangir. This tomb was built in a central Asian architectural style and stands in the center of the Persian-style Chahar bagh garden. The condition of this historical heritage is very miserable. It has been ignored badly by the archaeological department. Anyway, its historical importance can’t be denied.


Tomb of Asif Jah 4
Muhammad Shafiq Malik – Captured during visit of Tomb of Jahangir


Tomb of Asif Jah 2
Grave of Asif Jah


Tomb of Asif Jah 3
Tomb of Asif Jah



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