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Types of Sentences with Examples

Types of Sentences with Examples

A sentence is a group of words that states a complete idea. It must have a subject and a predicate.


The subject is the person or thing about which something is said whereas the predicate is the part of the sentence that tells something about the subject. We walk in the park. In this sentence, we is subject, and walk in the park is the predicate.

Kinds Of Sentences classified according to purpose

A Declarative Sentence (the indicative mood)

It is a sentence that makes a statement or tells something. It is a description of fact, affirmative or negative.

An Interrogative Sentence

It is a sentence that asks something.

An Exclamatory Sentence

It is a sentence that shows strong feelings or expressions. It shows strong emotion, anger, or fear.

An Imperative Sentence

It is a sentence that asks or tells someone to do something. An optative sentence (in the subjunctive mood) is an exclamatory sentence that expresses a wish. I wish I were a rich man. May she live long!


Read these sentences and decide which kind of sentence each one is.

  • Call the doctor.
  • Do you wait for your friends?
  • They get up early in the morning.
  • Leave me alone, please.
  • How hard they work!
  • How slowly the tortoise moves!
  • Do you help the needy?
  • The sunsets in the west
  • We are taking the examination next month.
  • Who will help us now?
  • Wait here until we come back.
  • How strangely he talks!
  • Do they speak English?
  • What a strange dream she had!
  • The earth revolves around the sun.
  • How red the setting sun looks!
  • How brightly the stars shine at night!
  • The class went to the museum.
  • Find out the meanings of these words in your dictionary.
  • Attend your classes regularly.
  • Where do they play?
  • What a beautiful horse that is!
  • Does she respect her teachers?
  • Why do they waste their time?
  • Always speak the truth.
  • Please lend me your watch.
  • Don’t enter the room with your shoes on.
  • He did not misguide us.
  • Fetch a glass of water for me.
  • What a beautiful picture it is!
  • How foolish you have been!
  • Do not sit idle.
  • May God shower his blessings upon his grave!
  • Would that he were alive!


Use a period or full stop(.) at the end of declarative or an Imperative Sentence. Use a question mark or sign of interrogation(?) at the end of an interrogative sentence. Use an exclamation mark(!) at the end of an exclamatory sentence.

Types of Sentences According to Structure

Simple Sentence

A simple sentence contains only one idea. It has one clause. It has one subject or one predicate. (eg: I love my country. This table is made of wood.)

Compound or Coordinated Sentence

It has two main ideas or two independent main clauses or two or more subjects and predicates.
(eg: He is a pious man and helps the needy. He was a tall boy and wore a blue coat.)

Complex Sentence

It has one main idea and one or more dependent ideas. More often it contains three or more ideas or two main clauses or one or more dependent clauses. (eg: Made from metal, this machine has amazing features which allow it to perform many functions. This metal-made, wonderful device can perform several


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