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What is edpi and why need to measure it?

What is edpi and why need to measure it?

DPI stands for the Dots Per Inch, it is a measurement of the mouse reporting speed to your system. It is the reporting speed and frequency of the mouse to the CPU.  You can use the eDPI Calculator to find the reporting speed of the mouse. The eDPI stands for ‘effective Dots Per Inch of players’ regardless of the software or the hardware of the computer. The term is commonly used for gaming purposes and it has a specific ratio to the density level of the mouse. When you are measuring the mouse speed for a specific game, you need to identify the DPI and eDPI sensitivity levels.

This article discusses what is eDPI and how to measure it:


What is DPI?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, it is the sensitivity of a computer mouse if you have a mouse with a higher DPI. You can move it more freely on the computer screen. The dpi analyzer makes it possible to find the DPI speed of the mouse and analyze what is your mouse speed requirements. There are various DPI and their mouse speed for a mouse, you need to select a particular mouse speed of the mouse.


What is eDPI?

The eDPI on the other hand stands for the effective Dots per Inch on the computer screen. You can find the sensitivity of the player by using the eDPI valorant. It is irrespective of the hardware, as it is describing the sensitivity speed of the player required.


What Is Sensitivity?

When you are studying to develop an understanding of the DPI and eDPI. It is better to understand what is sensitivity and how it plays a critical role in finding the DPI and eDPI of players. The sensitivity is the value of how quickly you are able to interact with the UI. Games having a less sensitivity level present more accurate positioning of players and the target you try to aim.  You can use the eDPI Calculator by to find the sensitivity of the game and what is the DPI and eDPI of the mouse required.

Relationship of DPI, Sensitivity, and eDPI:

You need to identify the relationship between the mouse DPI, Sensitivity, and eDPI. 

  • A mouse has a DPI of 1600 and a sensitivity level is around 0.25. Then the eDPI is 400 for the required game. 
  • A mouse has a DPI of 800 and a sensitivity level is around 0.5. Then the eDPI is 800 for the required game. 
  • A mouse has a DPI of 400 and a sensitivity level is around 1. Then the eDPI is 800 for the required game. 


Mouse DPI Sensitivity eDPI
1600 0.25 400
800 0.50 400
400 1


You can use the eDPI Calculator for determining the eDPI requirement for a game.

The formula for the eDPI:

For finding the eDPI, you need to multiply the Sensitivity level by the DPI of the mouse:

So the formula for the eDPI= DPI (Sensitivity level)

When the sensitivity level of the game is increased you can find the more clear target and can aim the object more effectively. So there are particular gaming requirements for each game, and you need to maintain the mouse speed according to the special effect of the game. Use an eDPI Calculator to identify the requirement of the eDPI for game and system requirements.


The gaming eDPI  for various games:


When you are using the eDPI Calculator, then you need to identify there is various requirements of the eDPI for various games.In the table below have described the eDPI speed for various games and their specific requirement.


Games Best eDPI Value
CS:GO 300 – 1000
Valorent 400 – 1600
Call Of Duty 400 – 450
Fortnite  36 – 68
Overwatch 4000 – 6200
Apex Legends 400 or 800


The eDPI is the relative speed of the mouse with respect to the sensitivity and DPI of the mouse. Games required more eDPI and normally have better targets and players can aim the target more effectively. But the system requirements also increase with the better eDPI requirements. This is the main reason, there are different ranges of gaming computers to match the eDPI speed of the game. 

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