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What is Purpose of listening?

by Professor Muhammad Shafiq Malik
purpose of listening

The process of listening has the following purposes:

To gain new information

The purpose of listening is to gain information that becomes the basis for taking a decision on any topic. A student who attends to his teacher and listens to him attentively learns a lot. He stores this information in his mind and uses it in the examination. A customer listens to a seller attentively and gets information about a product.

Later, he orders for the purchase of that product. It means that listening becomes a useful activity for him.

Creating understanding

Another purpose of listening is to create understanding between a listener and a speaker. He wants to bring the listener close to him. This intimacy results into better business between the two.

Verifying the message

There is another purpose of good listening. A listener tries to know the truth of a message when he listens to a speaker. He accepts the message if he finds it true, practical and acceptable.

To be urged to buy a product

A good listener listens about the qualities of a product attentively. He is urged to buy it for its attractive qualities. He is inspired to buy the product owing to his good quality of listening. He listens to the speaker with intention of knowing good things about a product.

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