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3 Most Effective Methods to Achieve Quality Healthcare

3 Most Effective Methods to Achieve Quality Healthcare

There is always an ongoing topic of technology innovation and the quality of healthcare. Also, how those two factors are connected and how they could affect one another in the future.

Healthcare needs more and more performance metrics and to take care of data with time; therefore, technological advancement in the field of healthcare is inevitable. And we are not talking only about regular healthcare equipment becoming smarter – we are also talking about adopting numerous technological innovations for the medical field.

Therefore medical institutions are focusing on achieving quality healthcare and improved patient outcomes. So medical institutions are looking for health information technology professionals to achieve these goals. To learn even more about the effective methods for achieving quality healthcare, check out the article below.


Method #1: Electronic Health Records

Most Effective Methods to Achieve Quality Healthcare 2


It is more than true that electronic healthcare records make it much easier to access, find, deliver, and analyze important data. And with the help of healthcare it solutions, any healthcare organization could have automated and much more efficient use of data that they use every single day. And also – much higher quality service for their patients.

More to it, if done correctly, electronic health records help to reduce or even eliminate errors that might be unnoticeable for the human eye, increase the level of wellness between various populations, make the treatment outcomes and diagnostic accuracy better and more precise, and help determine consumer illness significantly faster.

There are a lot of benefits to electronic health records, rather than having the old paper ones that can take hours to find and might easily disappear. Having all of the patient data in a safe electronic environment, and backup also improves patient safety, which is a very important factor in any healthcare system.

And looking through the side of medical professionals, electronic health records allow the use of valuable data in uncountable ways, which may not only restore but even increase the health of a patient of a vulnerable population. Having everything in one electronic field and being able to see the relatedness and the causal links are priceless.

Method #2: Improvements to the Patient Diagnostics

Most Effective Methods to Achieve Quality Healthcare 3


Actionable diagnostics technology is a great help when there is a need to determine the patient’s condition, and it has to be done as precisely as possible. What this technology does is it reduces organizational clutter and gives the opportunity for the medical specialists to come up with even better treatment and healing plans.

By using this amazing actionable diagnostics technology, it is possible to measure such crucial genetic factors like proteins, gene expressions, hormones, enzymes, and even biomarkers. Sure, adopting such a technology might be costly. But later on, it actually reduces the costs of healthcare, and most importantly – it reduces the chance of a false diagnosis.

More to it, such technology would not only lower the healthcare cost for the patients, but it would also reduce the number of patients that need to go back to a medical institution and continue or extend their treatment – all thanks to the reduced number of misdiagnosis. A system like this will find a better and more effective way to plan a healing process and do it much faster than a person would.

Unfortunately, healthcare still experiences a lot of misdiagnoses nowadays, and it costs huge amounts of money. Don’t even get us started on the number of times a patient or a sibling of a patient has placed a lawsuit against a hospital just because of a false diagnosis.

Method #3: Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Most Effective Methods to Achieve Quality Healthcare 4


Just like customer satisfaction is important to any commercial business, so should be patient satisfaction with health care institutions. And the best way to measure the satisfaction or dissatisfaction level of the patient’s health care can organize patient satisfaction surveys. Surveys like these can help determine the main errors in the system that might appear easily fixable and help improve the entire healthcare system.

Patient satisfaction surveys help improve more than only one section of the entire healthcare system. It also helps improve and monitor employee performance and highlight crucial gaps in the service field. And as the entire healthcare is becoming more and more quality-based, patient satisfaction surveys are becoming parallelly important.

As a standard to determine patient satisfaction, healthcare organizations currently use the HCAHPS – Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. What is very important is that this particular survey standard gives the patient the ability to rate the service performance, which incorporates many crucial factors within.


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