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Free Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage

Free Online Plagiarism Checker with Percentage

Writing an essay can be a difficult thing to do, but fearing that your paper fails to comply with your school or university’s requirements can add a whole new level of stress. As per the strict academic guidelines, your submitted assignment or essay must be 100% original that comprises your ideas expressed in your own words. Failure to live up to this requirement can severely affect your grades.

Fortunately, we have the easiest way to ensure your assignments, essays, papers, and even blogs are free from plagiarism. The plagiarism check method can be conveniently performed using a plagiarism detector tool that lets you scan written text thoroughly.

What Is Plagiarism?

Before we talk about how these tools conduct plagiarism check on your work, let’s first understand what constitutes plagiarism. Plagiarism is an intellectual offence where you claim someone else’s words, ideas, or thoughts as yours. In both the professional and academic worlds, this act is considered a severe offence.

The definition is straightforward, but understanding plagiarism in practice can be tricky. This is simply because your words may fall under plagiarized content, even if you have forgotten to put up a quotation mark.

You may not always intend to copy someone else’s work, but you may sometimes forget to give the due credit to the original writer against their quote or words you have used. Even if you cite a wrong author, it would still qualify as plagiarism.

Whatever your intentions are, using someone’s words without adequate attribution can cause you many problems since all professors and teachers use an online duplicate text detector to run a plagiarism check on your work.

Why Conduct Plagiarism Check with Percentage?

When you work on your school assignment, you spend a lot of time researching and reading the topic. This could mean your ideas and other author’s ideas start merging into one. You fail to distinguish what your thoughts were and what you had read online.

Unconsciously your writing gets influenced by things you read during your research, and you might not even know that you have used a whole paragraph of another author without using proper citation.

This is when the fear of duplications starts weighing you down. In cases such as these, a plagiarism check software can indeed be a game-changer. When you use a plagiarism checker with percentage, sentences that have been paraphrased will be flagged, and this way, you will be notified how much you have copied from external sources.

According to academic guidelines, only a certain percentage of similarity is allowed. The benchmark or the limit of similarity depends from school to school. Usually, teachers, schools, and universities accept plagiarism between 5% to 20% for research paper due to references and citations.

When you use plagiarism check tools with percentages, it becomes easier to know if you fall under the instructor’s plagiarism benchmark.

Benefits of Conducting Plagiarism Check with Online Duplication Detectors

As a student, the benefits of using a plagiarism check are enormous. Firstly, these tools help you from the potential crime of plagiarism and hence protect your reputation at school and work. The programs are highly effective and accurate, thus enhancing your confidence at work.

Additionally, with the following features of these incredible programs, you can benefit significantly during your assignments.

Privacy and security: The text will never be saved on the software or used for unlawful purposes. Your text is solely yours, and once you have checked for plagiarism, it will get deleted automatically.

24/7 accessibility: These tools come with 24/7 availability, provided you have an internet connection whenever you require.

Ease of use: Gone are the days when you had to download plagiarism check software on your system, install the program, and then run the tool. You can now use these programs directly on the website by simply pasting your content on the text box. Technology has indeed made life more comfortable.

Best plagiarism check tools

Finding a reliable plagiarism checker can be a tough job as not every tool does justice. With extensive research and care, you should pick one that provides the most reliable results. Let’s take a look at these user-friendly tools that you can use for yourself.


This plagiarism detector has been specifically designed to identify duplicate content and provide plagiarism checking reports in percentage. A web-based plagiarism checker tool accessible via has a simple interface with in-depth checking algorithms that work efficiently to scan billions of databases on the internet to find plagiarism in content.


From the beginning till the end, Plagscan is extremely easy to use. You can upload your files directly from Google Drive and DropBox. The report it generates is easy to understand. Indeed, a highly recommended tool.


Quetext generates a plagiarism report, which is excellent in the overall view and easy to understand. Plagiarized text is underlined, and a similarity percentage is displayed.


Plagiarism checking programs are highly useful tools meant to provide reliable results. Hence you can always be assured you will not be accused of plagiarism ever by using these tools.

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