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Importance Of Non-Verbal Communication

non-verbal communication

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is a type of communication involving no delivery of words by mouth. Body organs send a more effective message to the other person than our words. Our body, face, eyes and hands speak much of our personality than oral or written words.

Importance Of Appearance

It is our appearance which impresses or detracts a person.Our clothes, hairstyle and use of ornaments give an impressive look to our personality. A person with a pleasant look is considered to be civilized and gentle. A person wearing a tattered dress or broken pair of shoes gives a bad impression. He cuts a sorry figure every where.He sends a poor message to everyone.

Importance Of Movements

Gestures and movements of a person indicate his state of mind. Gestures are the translation of one’s feelings.A traffic police man controls traffic by the movements of his hands. Gestures and movements of a person’s parts of body may tell others about his attitude towards different things. They tell whether he is worried, tense or relaxed.

Importance Of Smell and Touch

Artificial perfumes used by a person may reveal a lot about his habits and taste.It may affect others greatly. Similarly, touch of a person communicates feelings of love, hatred, liking or disliking to the other person.

Importance Of Face And Eyes

Our face and eyes reveal our hidden feelings to other persons. Our smiling, shaking, nodding, raising or lowering eyebrows express our liking or disliking for a thing or a person.

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