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Healthy Community Importance and Role of the Nurse & CDC.

Healthy Community Importance and Role of the Nurse & CDC.

In a healthy community, the role of the nurse and CDC is very important for a safe, and diseases free community building. 

The main or primary role of the health nurses is to provide effective and efficient care and diagnose treatment of any age, genre, and level of patients. By playing this he/she can play an important role as demands by the community to build a healthy and disease-free community as well and help the society to decrease the health problems and to death ratios (Northeastern State University, 2017).

A health nursing is a settled rule of dealing with patients that demands incorporate evidenced-based research along with improved and advances in science and approaches for improving the health issues of the patients and for the society or healthy community.  (Elderly, 2012).

An elder patient care and health issues may cause the problem for the families and for the society as well. There is no doubt that their families are too responsible for the care and diagnosing health issues of theirs. It is their duty and liability. Here nursing obligatory is required by society.

And being as a nurse it is his/her obligation to prevent the society and families to get into the fall of health and moral problem and do risk reduction interventions (Young, 2018).  

Community and Role of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Healthy Community Importance and Role of the Nurse & CDC. 1

It is her/his duty being as a nurse if they visiting or paying service to an elder or any other patient, they have to follow the CDC rules or checklist to check the patient’s living environment. Is it meet the CDC or not?

For the home environmental safety assessment, he/she should follow the criteria settled in the CDC (a home fall checklist for older adults) of America. In the age of the elder, the human body gets weak and bones are also. Every year thousands of elders get to fall at home and get seriously injured and some time died.

These incidents often happen due to these hazards that are easily avoided and can be easily fixed (Young, 2018). By this criterion, being a good nurse she/he should have to find and fix them for the patent safety and security and avoid future incidents. This activity also makes positive feedback from the patient and society to develop a healthy, secure, and safe living environment as well as health efficient society (Elderly, 2012).

By the CDC prevention checklist for the elder includes floors quality, material balance, damages and pros & cons by analysis, and comparing them with standards. And examing of the stairs material, size and step height and foot size, kitchen’s inspection of groceries and electronic equipment fixation, bathroom, bedroom’s inspection as well to ensure that, are they safe, healthy and secured and easy to useable for an aged and elder patient?

And how they can be harmful to them and how to fix them. A nurse should have to make the checklist according to these rules to follow for being a competent nurse while visiting an elderly individual at home to find out a home environmental safety assessment conclusion and stepping up into a creation of community/public health. (Young, 2018). 

It is very necessary for being a nurse to obey these rules and assess that living place and environment. Additionally, a nurse should also train the patents for every critical and health issue phase or condition that how being a victim or patient they should behave in such conditions and how to act and whom to call in an emergency and what are the precautions and treatments for this.

A nurse should assess the mental and physical ability of the patients and he/she has to work out to make a suggestion list for the exercise and routine activity to quickly recovering, becoming healthier, and keeping themselves, sound, safe, and community’s invulnerable member to participate social environment.   (Elderly, 2012).  She/he should and have to regularly measure their health or body conditions like BP (blood pressure) and diabetes level to develop a diet chart, analysis, and suggestions to keep safe them from malnutrition and to boost their immunity strength and living hope (Northeastern State University, 2017).



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