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The SEO Benefits of Social Media

The SEO Benefits of Social Media

Many businesses consider their social media-related marketing strategies as being in a space. They concentrate on the number of followers they have or the brand’s recognition, as well as the revenue they can attribute directly to campaigns on social media. But there’s an important but not insignificant benefit to establishing and maintaining a robust web presence on social networks that often isn’t noticed: Better Search Engine Optimization. Here are four ways you can use your presence on social media to help your brand rank better on search engines and ways you can benefit from them.


High-Quality Inbound Links

Social media sites are some of the most popular sites on the Internet as well as one of the most important factors used by search engines to determine ranking is the importance of sites linked to your company. According to Google, the top sources are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and other websites with a huge number of visitors. If you have a lot of hyperlinks from these sites to your site, this will boost the rankings of your site.

To make the most of this, you must ensure that you have hyperlinks to your website in the static content on your social networks, like your page’s description or about section. Also, ensure that your posts include site links whenever possible. Make sure you find a balance between posts that don’t include links, or else you’ll appear self-promotional.


Increased Volume of Inbound Links

Social media does not just assist in increasing the quality of hyperlinks to your site, but it can also increase their number when posts with your business URL are spread by your followers to their followers and then on. Alongside the quality of websites linking to your website, Search engines also consider the number of hyperlinks. Therefore, the more you publish social media content with your website’s address, the more the search engine rankings will increase.


Google+ Extended Search Profiles

One social network can influence Google’s search results far more so than the other one, and that’s Google’s personal platform “Google+.” Sometimes it’s helpful to consider Google+ as a social element of your business’s presence on Google and not as one that is an entirely separate social networking site. Google+ allows Google to display the “extended search profile” for your company on the sidebar when your website appears in the results of a search. This could make a major difference in the organic traffic coming from Google.

The search profile that is extended increases the screen space for your company. This can increase the number of clicks. You can also show more interesting information than a simple black link on your site and the description, which can increase the number of visitors to your site through Google. Your profile on Google’s extended search will display things like your profile picture and other photos you share onto Google+; your latest status updates, review, and rating from customers, as well as photos of those who have your company, added to their circles. Suppose someone sees that your business has many followers, including some of their acquaintances. In that case, it is social evidence to suggest they also add your company’s name to their circle.

To learn more about how Google+ can help your company succeed, check out our blog post-Four Methods Google+ Can Help You to Grow your business.


Get New Content to Appear Faster

When you publish new content to your website on different new topics on which audience wants information like best tanning lotion for pale skin or how much is a tune up at Walmart, for instance, the latest blog post, however, it won’t immediately appear in search engines. Search engines are always “crawling” the Internet looking for new sites that they can add to their databases, and the frequency at which a website is crawled will depend on several variables. The two most crucial are how often the website is updated and the traffic it receives. Thus, a website like Twitter and The Huffington Post that gets significant traffic and publishes a significant quantity of new content daily will be crawled more frequently than your website.

To ensure your blog posts or other newly added content appears within search result pages as quickly as possible, share the link to your latest content to your social media accounts immediately after you publish. Search engines will search your social media pages before crawling your website. They will see a new page, which they do not have rank data for, and include that page in their indexes earlier than if you wait for the crawlers to visit your site.

Once you have realized the incredible SEO advantages that social media can bring, be sure to integrate your social media campaigns with your SEO strategy to ensure both can complement each other and yield better outcomes. When both works together, your company will be set up for spectacular organic growth!


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