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How to write an Essay? – Best Tutorial

How to write an Essay? – Best Tutorial

An essay is a short piece of writing. In this tutorial, you will learn how to write an essay.

What is an essay?

An essay is a short piece of writing that gives information and the writer’s opinion. Essay is derived from Latin word exagium. An essay may be defined as a short piece of writing consists of one’s arguments and experiences or stories.

How to write an essay?

Before writing an essay, the following steps should be taken.

  • Decide the kind of essay to write.
  • Selection of topic
  • Do research
  • Develop a thesis
  • Outlines of essay
  • Editing to check spellings and grammatical mistakes

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Kinds of Essays

There are four kinds of essays.

Narrative Essays

This is when the writer is narrating an incident or story through the essay.This type of essay is in subjective form.The aim of writing narrative essays is to involve the readers as if they were right there when it was happening.

Descriptive Essays

In this kind of essay, the writer describes a place, an object, an event or even a memory. It is not just plainly describing things. The writer must paint a picture through his words. The writer may try to evoke all the senses of the reader. A descriptive essay when written well will make the reader feel the emotions the writer was feeling at the moment.

Persuasive Essays

In this type of essay,the writer tries to convince the reader on his point of view. Both sides of the arguments are presented in these essays. The writer’s aim is to persuade the readers that his arguments are more weighty.

Comparative Essays

In these essays, two or more different things are compared.

Expository Essays

In such essays, the writer presents a balanced study of a topic. The writer should avoid showing his emotions in expository essay. It is totally based on facts, figures, examples etc.


It is the process in which you come up with the essay topic. It is just to sit and thinking of ideas before to write an essay.

Structure of an Essay

how to write an essay 1
Structure of an Essay


The first paragraph of an essay consists of an introduction. This is where the writer introduces his topic for the first time. It may be a synopsis of the essay. Introductory paragraph may be started with a quote or proverb. It can also be started with a definition.


This is the main part of an essay. The most important contents of essay are written here. This part should not be in one paragraph. There may be two or more paragraphs according to the contents. The essayist should write his thoughts and information in an organized way.


This is the last paragraph of the essay. Here the writer sums up his arguments. The concluding lines effectively reflect the whole essay.

Tips for writing a good essay

  • Topic or title should be appropriate
  • The ideal length of an essay is between 300-500 words.
  • Unnecessary detail and difficult words should be avoided.
  • There should not be any mistake of grammar, punctuation and spellings.

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