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WordPress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series

WordPress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series

WordPress Tutorials: WordPress-Reading Settings

In this lesson, we will study about the Reading Settings in WordPress. These settings allow setting the content related to the front page. You can set the number of posts to be displayed on the main page.

The steps to access the Reading Settings are as follows:

Step-1: Click on the Settings → Reading option in WordPress.

Wordpress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series 1

Step-2: The Reading Setting page is displayed.

Wordpress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series 2

The following are the details of the fields given on the Reading Setting page.

  • Frontpage displays: It is used to display the front page in any of the following formats:
    • Your latest posts: This shows the latest posts on the front page.
    • A static page: This static pages on the front page.
    • Front Page: Select the actual page you want to display on the front page from the drop-down.
    • Posts Page − Select the page from the drop-down which contains posts.
  • Blog pages show at most: − This shows the number of posts to be displayed per page or site. By default, it is set as 10.
  • Syndication feeds show the most recent: When users download one of the site feeds, they can view the number of posts here. It is set as 10 by default.
  • For each article in a feed, show: It displays the post by selecting any of the following formats −
    • Full Text − It displays the complete post. It is set as default.
    • Summary − It displays the summary of the post.
  • Search Engine Visibility: If you press this checkbox then this discourages search engines from indexing your site. Also, your site will be ignored by the search engine.

Step-3: Press the Save Changes button to save your settings after you have completed all of this information.

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