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WordPress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series

WordPress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series

WordPress Tutorials: WordPress categories

WordPress-Add Category

In this chapter, we will learn abi=out how to add categories in WordPress. These are used to represent group related posts and sections of your site. It categorizes the group content into different sections. It is a very convenient way to organize posts.

The following steps will show how to access the category section in WordPress.

Step-1: Click on the Posts → Categories option in WordPress.

Wordpress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series 1

Step-2: The Category page is displayed.

Wordpress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series 2

The following are the details of the fields given on the Categories page.

  • Name: Enter the unique name of categories.
  • Slug: A word chosen to describe your post. It is specified in the tags URL.
  • Parent: By selecting the parent category from dropdown, you can set the particular category as a sub-category or can keep it as None.
  • Description: Add a brief description of your category. It is optional.

Step-3: Press the Add New Category button to save your settings after you have completed all of this information.

Step-4: After clicking on Add New Category, the newly created category will get displayed on the right side of the page.

Wordpress Tutorials [All in 1] Best Series 3

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